Cardiac Arrhythmias

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Following the tremendous success of the last IDSS which was attended by more than 800 participants from 38 countries, it is with great pleasure that we invite you to the 13th International Dead Sea Symposium (IDSS) on Innovations in Technology, Treatment & Prevention of Cardiac Arrhythmias, scheduled for March 6-9, 2016.
This biannual international symposium has been held in Israel since 1992, and contributes to making our country one of the leaders in innovative electrophysiology.
The 2016 symposium will focus broadly on emerging technology and therapies and will comprise all phases of the innovation process, e.g. ongoing or recently completed studies on devices, ablation, and mapping. This approach will facilitate comprehensive exposure to medical device and biotechnology innovations.

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About Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv “the city that never stops” is the country’s economic and cultural center. It is a lively, active city with entertainment, culture and art, festivals. Tel Aviv is also the national center for night life and entertainment and is filled with night clubs featuring music of all types, dancing, restaurants, pubs, coffee houses, discotheques, movie theaters, auditoriums, and concert halls.
Situated on a 14-kilometer-long strip on the Mediterranean seacoast, there are plenty of bathing beaches and a romantic waterfront promenade.
Israel is a country rich with amazing beauty, culture and diversity, where East meets West and the ancient collides with the modern – From biblical times, through the Roman, Persian, Hellenistic, Byzantine/Roman, Arab, Crusaders, Mameluke and Ottomans empires. All have left behind their signatures which make for wonderful backdrops. Each city is different from the last and so is each area. Read More…

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